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The Js

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Janet Jackson

Rythm Nation 1989

Miss You Much 1989

The Pleasure Principle 1987

Let's Wait Awhile 1987

Control 1986

When I Think Of You 1986

Nasty 1986

What Have You Done For Me Lately 1986


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
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Liberian Girl 1989

Leave Me Alone 1989

Smooth Criminal 1988

Another Part Of Me 1988

Dirty Diana 1988

Get It 1988 (With Stevie Wonder)

Man In The Mirror 1988

The Way You Make Me Feel 1987

Bad 1987

I Just Can't Stop Loving You 1987

Girl You're So Together 1984

Farewell My Summer Love 1984

P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) 1984

Thriller 1983

Say Say Say 1983 (With Paul McCartney)

Happy 1983

Wanna Be Starting' Somethin' 1983

Beat It 1983

Billy Jean 1983

The Girl Is Mine 1982 (With Paul McCartney)

We're Almost There 1981

One Day In Your Life 1981

Girlfriend 1980

She's Out Of My Life 1980

Rock With You 1980


Elton John

Sacrifice 1989

Healing Hands 1989

Through The Storm 1989 (With Aretha Franklin)

Town Of Plenty 1988

I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That 1988

Candle In The Wind 1988 (Recorded Live In Australia in 1986)

Flames Of Paradise 1987 (With Jennifer Rush)

Slow Rivers 1986 (With Cliff Richard)

Heartache All Over The World 1986

Cry To Heaven 1986

Wrap Her Up 1985

Nikita 1985

Act Of War 1985 (With Millie Jackson)

Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be) 1985

Who Wears These Shoes? 1984

Passengers 1984

Sad Songs (Say So Much) 1984

Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year) 1983

Kiss The Bride 1983

I'm Still Standing 1983

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 1983

Empty Garden 1982

Blue Eyes 1982

Nobody Wins 1981

I Saw Her Standing There 1981

Sartorial Eloquence 1980

Little Jeannie 1980


Grace Jones

I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) 1986

Love Is The Drug 1986

Pull Up To The Bumper (Re-release) 1986

Slave To The Rythmn 1985

My Jamaican Guy 1983

The Apple Stretching 1982

Pull Up To The Bumper 1981

Private Life 1980


Howard Jones

Everlasting Love 1989

Little Bit Of Snow 1987

You Know I Love You...Don't You? 1986

All I Want 1986

No One Is To Blame 1986

Life In One Day 1985

Look Mama 1985

Things Can Only Get Better 1985

Like To Get To Know You Well 1984

Pearl In The Shell 1984

Hide And Seek 1984

New Song (Re-release) 1984

What Is Love? 1983

New Song 1983


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