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MG Music
Within this section are the CDs that have been released on the MG Music label from artists including Medwyn Goodall, Terry Oldfield, Paul Lawler, Caitlin and Simon Lovelock
MG Music

Ascension - Clifford WhiteGBP5.00

Ascension - Clifford White  
This was originally released on the New World Music label quite a few years ago, however, it has ...

Gaya of Wisdom - Guy SweensGBP5.00

Gaya of Wisdom - Guy Sweens  
The story of Buddha. A superb album filled with exotic tabla rhythms, flutes and voices from India. Unmissable, ...

Aqua - Clifford WhiteGBP5.00

Aqua - Clifford White  
"A genuinely aquatic album of rhythmic ambient music..."
Mike Steer, Caduceus Magazine

Gentle and refreshing relaxation music, Aqua blends light ...

On the Road to Tibet - Karl MaddisonGBP5.00

On the Road to Tibet - Karl Maddison  
An absolutely stunning mix of ethnic instrumnets blended with Guitars, percussion and drums.

Inventive, fresh, highly original and wonderfully ...

True Champissage - Paul LawlerGBP5.00

True Champissage - Paul Lawler  
As a surprise release Namaste are delighted to present their second album. The collective talents of Goodall, Lawler ...

Anam Cara - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Anam Cara - Medwyn Goodall  
A fusion of music and authentic celtic vocals. Truly haunting and vibrant.


Celt - Terry OldfieldGBP5.00

Celt - Terry Oldfield  
Terry returns to his classic sound and style. An album already achieving recognition and response from fans as ...

Chonicles - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Chonicles - Medwyn Goodall  
One of the most inspired albums Medwyn believes he has truly produced. An album that depicts a world ...

Circle of Light - ThreefoldGBP5.00

Circle of Light - Threefold  
Medwyn Goodall has heralded Threefold as the new Clannad !

If you like the music of Clannad then ...

Delicate Touch - Neil HGBP5.00

Delicate Touch - Neil H  
Neil H is one of the newest relaxation musicians who is certainly going to be making his mark ...

Ethereal - Terry OldfieldGBP5.00

Ethereal - Terry Oldfield  
This is the brand new album from Terry Oldfield which sees him returning to the musical style of ...

Eye of the Wolf - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Eye of the Wolf - Medwyn Goodall  
The Native spirit lives on in this soul-stirring tribute to the Native American tribes. Authentic native drums, flutes, ...

Gentle Karma - Simon LovelockGBP5.00

Gentle Karma - Simon Lovelock  
This album brings stillness and inner peace. Created with absolute care the music generates a quiet ambience, a ...

Healing with your Spirit Guide - Karen KayGBP5.00

Healing with your Spirit Guide - Karen Kay  
Karen Kay returns with another guided meditation CD and is perfect for those of you looking for guided ...

In Unity - Tim Wheater & David LordGBP5.00

In Unity - Tim Wheater & David Lord  
Absolutely breath taking. A stunning beautiful flute and strings album that sets a new bench mark. One of ...

King Arthur - Medwyn GoodallGBP10.50

King Arthur - Medwyn Goodall  
This 3 CD collection is a specially remastered collection featuring over 3 hours of music spanning 24 ...

Land of the Inca - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Land of the Inca - Medwyn Goodall  
Special re-mastered 70 min special of all the best tracks from both Nazca and Ancient Nazca on one ...

Rainbow Meditation - Meditation and Visualisation - Karen KayGBP5.00

Rainbow Meditation - Meditation and Visualisation - Karen Kay  
Two visualisation meditations, plus separate music for meditation without narration.

Secrets of Faeries - Neil HGBP5.00

Secrets of Faeries - Neil H  
We first came across Neil H at a show in Cornwall where he was playing live and we ...

Amun Ra - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Amun Ra - Medwyn Goodall  
The Pyramids come alive with this truly inspired music that leaves you quite breathless with itís epic themes ...

The Dragons Breath - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

The Dragons Breath - Medwyn Goodall  
Re-released and available once again! We have re-released "Dragons Keep" from 2001. Freshly packaged this wonderful celtic - ...

The Sorcerers Daughter - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

The Sorcerers Daughter - Medwyn Goodall  
This is the brilliant new album from Medwyn Goodall which is full of love, emotion and mystery. After ...

Tribal Nation - Medwyn Goodall and Scott JasperGBP5.00

Tribal Nation - Medwyn Goodall and Scott Jasper  
The raw energy of real musicians on real ethni instruments. The sun baking the earth, the dust rising ...

Fairy Magic 3 Wishes - Karen KayGBP5.00

Fairy Magic 3 Wishes - Karen Kay  
Karen Kay brings us another superb guided meditation. Quite possibly her best release yet this is filled with ...

Sacred Circle - RunestoneGBP5.00

Sacred Circle - Runestone  
Runestone return to us fresh after a six year break with their long awaited brilliant new album.

Discover the ...

Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy - Roland SanteGBP5.00

Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy - Roland Sante  
In Rolands own words...Tibetan bowls are sacred instruments. They produce a healing harmonic sound, which adds the missing ...

Kamadeva - Guy SweensGBP5.00

Kamadeva - Guy Sweens  
This is the outstanding. and eagerly anticipated follow up to Guy's best selling and hugely popular debut album ...

True Reiki - Paul LawlerGBP5.00

True Reiki - Paul Lawler  
Crafted from over 10 years of study, practice & teaching whilst being tested over a wide audience of ...

Candle Magic - ThreefoldGBP5.00

Candle Magic - Threefold  
Candle Magic - the much anticipated sequel to Circle of Light by THREEFOLD. A Seriously awesome piece of ...

Labyrinth - Terry OldfieldGBP5.00

Labyrinth - Terry Oldfield  
The journey that our soul undertakes, the karmic choices, pre-destiny, the unfolding experience of learning and creating, through the ...

Evolution - Andrew KinsellaGBP5.00

Evolution - Andrew Kinsella  
Evolution by Andrew Kinsella is a remarkable fusion of modern chill-out, tribal rhythmns and evocative soundscapes Celebrating the ...

A Promise of Serenity - MidoriGBP5.00

A Promise of Serenity - Midori  
A gentle and instanly peaceful title that will have you sinking into your chair after a long day ...

True Yoga - Simon LovelockGBP5.00

True Yoga - Simon Lovelock  
Simon Lovelock takes the Namaste torch along with Medwyn Goodall and Peter King to bring you the most ...

Samurai - OshariGBP5.00

Samurai - Oshari  
Step into the ancient world of the Samurai, a culture devoted in their pursuit of balance of mind, ...

Spa Collection - Various ArtistsGBP5.00

Spa Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Midori, Medwyn Goodall, Paul Sills, Tim Wheater, Ken Townshend & Karl Maddison.

Perfect for Relaxation, ...

Earth Goddess - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Earth Goddess - Medwyn Goodall  
Full of rhythm, energy and melodic grace. Guitars, Panpipes, keyboards and hand drums beat out a tropical ambience ...

OM - Medwyn Goodall & Terry Oldfield and friendsGBP5.00

OM - Medwyn Goodall & Terry Oldfield and friends  
MEDWYN and TERRY OLDFIELD have joined forces for the first time ever to perform together. Almost all of ...

The Lost Henge - RunestoneGBP5.00

The Lost Henge - Runestone  
Based on a true event. Following a coastal storm, the ruin of an ancient circle of timbers was ...

The Raven and the Moon - RunestoneGBP5.00

The Raven and the Moon - Runestone  
Runestone surpass all that has been with an album that many will argue is their best ever....again! Melodic, ...

A Promise of Healing - MidoriGBP5.00

A Promise of Healing - Midori  
Sensitive, delicate music, created to encourage healing by relaxing the mind and body. Slow and graceful without percussion of ...

A Promise of Angels - MidoriGBP5.00

A Promise of Angels - Midori  
Heavenly and celestial. Soft choirs, harp and piano bath you in a gentle enchantment.

Midori returns to us after ...

A Promise of Faeries - MidoriGBP5.00

A Promise of Faeries - Midori  
A delicate, beautiful CD full of harps, Piano, magic and enchantment!

Midori returns to us after a 6 year ...

True Chakras - Paul LawlerGBP5.00

True Chakras - Paul Lawler  
Another in the True series from Paul Lawler, this release designed to help the listener work through their ...

Serve Chilled - Medwyn GoodallGBP5.00

Serve Chilled - Medwyn Goodall  
A world of ice under threat of global warming! With whales, Seals, Penguins, and underwater sounds.

Influenced by Vangelis, ...

World Collection - Various ArtistsGBP5.00

World Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Guy Sweens, Medwyn Goodall, Karl Maddison.

The best in world, ethnic and cultural influenced music. ...

True Tai Chi - Karl MaddisonGBP5.00

True Tai Chi - Karl Maddison  
NAMASTE with Karl Maddison - have produced a superb masterpiece with TRUE TAI CHI. Quite possibly the best ...

Astral Doorways - Paul SillsGBP5.00

Astral Doorways - Paul Sills  
ASTRAL DOORWAYS, a gentle yet haunting piece to relax to, but allows your imagination to fly. Paul is ...

Only the Moment - Wendy GrondzilGBP5.00

Only the Moment - Wendy Grondzil  
A superb CD. Sureal, dreamy, modern, hip back beats, MG Music's answer to ENIGMA.


Learn to Meditate - Aron GaddGBP5.00

Learn to Meditate - Aron Gadd  
Meditation is a safe and simple technique that anyone can learn, which allows us to slow down our ...

Celtic Collection - Various ArtistsGBP5.00

Celtic Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Threefold, Medwyn Goodall, & Runestone.

Be transported back to the time of legends, standing stones, ...

True Reflexology - Ken TownsendGBP5.00

True Reflexology - Ken Townsend  
The critically acclaimed True Series continues with this superb title exploring the benefits of Reflexology.

Ken Townsend brings emotive ...

Sensual Chocolate - Various ArtistsGBP5.00

Sensual Chocolate - Various Artists  
Music for you and your chocolate :)

Take a little me time and unwind with this specially created CD. ...

Turning of the Wheel - ThreefoldGBP5.00

Turning of the Wheel - Threefold  
Magical, Pagan, Wiccan and full of visual imagery, Threefold once again remind us of their excellence with a ...

Walking Across Heaven - Paul SillsGBP5.00

Walking Across Heaven - Paul Sills  
Inspired by stories from the afterlife.

There are people who have experienced physical death and glimpsed what lies beyond this ...

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