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Music for Relaxation
This sectioin contains CDs from the Pure Series and the Mind Body and Soul series from New World Music as well as releases from Aquavision Music, , River of Light Records and other lables and features music that is ideal for relaxation, healing and for therapists and includes titles from Stephen Page (Spiritual Oasis as well as the new album Inspirational Journeys Volume 1), Llewllyn (his new album Reiki Gold, Reiki, Journey to the Angels, Journey to the Temple, Shiatsu, Journey to the Faeries, Crystals, Healing Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy), David Sum (Tranquility), Mike Rowland (The Fairy Ring), Midori (Sleep, Bali) and much more
Music for Relaxation

Spiritual Oasis - Stephen Page & Richard Churchyard£10.00

Spiritual Oasis - Stephen Page & Richard Churchyard  
60 minutes of blissfully peaceful and tranquil music that will effortlessly relax your body, calm your mind and ...

Aromatherapy - Llewellyn£10.00

Aromatherapy - Llewellyn  
Aromatherapy is derived from two words. Aroma - meaning fragrance or smell and Therapy - meaning treatment. Aromatherapy ...

Butterflies - Kevin Kendle£10.00

Butterflies - Kevin Kendle  
A beautiful new album from the maestro - Kevin Kendle. Inspired by the beauty of Butterflies, let Kevin's ...

Crystals - Llewellyn£10.00

Crystals - Llewellyn  
Crystal Healing is a powerful and effective way to remove blockages and distortions from the human field. It ...

Journey to the Angels - Llewellyn£10.00

Journey to the Angels - Llewellyn  
Angels are everywhere. Beings of light - messengers of God .... intermediaries between humankind and the Divine ... ...

Pure Relaxation - Llewellyn£10.00

Pure Relaxation - Llewellyn  
How often do we all wish we could stop the rush, settle down and reflect? Pure Relaxation is ...

Reflexology - Midori£10.00

Reflexology - Midori  
Reflexology is a form of natural healing that is thousands of years old. It is a unique science ...

Reiki - Llewellyn£10.00

Reiki - Llewellyn  
Reiki (pronounced RAY KEY) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy and is a powerful form of ...

The Sorcerers Daughter - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

The Sorcerers Daughter - Medwyn Goodall  
This is the brilliant new album from Medwyn Goodall which is full of love, emotion and mystery. After ...

Gentle Karma - Simon Lovelock£10.00

Gentle Karma - Simon Lovelock  
Perfect for anyone who wishes or needs to retreat from the stress of life for a while. This ...

Angels Promise - Richard ChurchyardSpecial Offer!   £3.99

Angels Promise - Richard Churchyard  
Experience Richard's gentle guitar playing on this extremely relaxing CD. The music on this CD was inspired by the ...

The Unthanked Road - Richard ChurchyardSpecial Offer!   £3.99

The Unthanked Road - Richard Churchyard  
Everyone has their own unthanked road. It may represent a place, time, event or even someone else's view, ...

Chillout Heaven - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Chillout Heaven - Fridrik Karlsson  
Music to create the ultimate chillout experience. With today’s world running at mega speeds in every area we ...

Healing Shores - Steve Travis£10.00

Healing Shores - Steve Travis  
Steve Travis explores another side of his musical talents with the release of this album that is both ...

Delicate Touch - Neil H£10.00

Delicate Touch - Neil H  
A beautful CD from Neil H, this CD will remind you of Mike Rowland. To listen to more samples ...

Secrets of Faeries - Neil H£10.00

Secrets of Faeries - Neil H  
This is a stunningly beautiful CD mixing the sounds of strings and piano creating a sound similar to ...

Magical Healing - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Magical Healing - Fridrik Karlsson  
Music to accompany various healing treatments. Alternative therapies and various ancient healing methods have become much more generally ...

Journey to our Dreams - Llewellyn£10.00

Journey to our Dreams - Llewellyn  
OK, so the cover may not be the best in the world, but the music remains in the ...

Crystal Angels - Llewellyn£10.00

Crystal Angels - Llewellyn  
From the composer of 'Journey to the Angels' and 'Reiki Gold' comes the long awaited album from one ...

Spirits of the Sea - France Ellul£10.00

Spirits of the Sea - France Ellul  
A haunting and atmospheric soundscape of music following the story of the spirits of the sea and the ...

Healing Massage - Llewellyn£10.00

Healing Massage - Llewellyn  
Produced by Llewellyn and Robin Butterfield to compliment the application of a Holistic Healing massage. Contains no natural ...

Medwyns Cornwall - Medwyn Goodall£5.99

Medwyns Cornwall - Medwyn Goodall  
The original soundtrack to the DVD film of the same name. Not previously released as pressed CD and ...

True Reiki - Paul Lawler£10.00

True Reiki - Paul Lawler  
Crafted from over 10 years of study, practice & teaching whilst being tested over a wide audience of ...

Bonsai Garden - Midori£10.00

Bonsai Garden - Midori  
The delicate beauty of a bonsai garden is the perfect setting for contemplation and meditation and this album ...

Indian Head Massage - Llewellyn£10.00

Indian Head Massage - Llewellyn  
CD of music specially composed and performed by Llewellyn Full colour guide to Indian Head Massage by Jill ...

Journey to the Faeries - Llewellyn£10.00

Journey to the Faeries - Llewellyn  
From the composer of "Journey to the Temple" and "Journey to the Angels" comes a magical recording that ...

Journey to the Temple - Llewellyn£10.00

Journey to the Temple - Llewellyn  
"This album is the result of my study and research into the use of sounds and music to ...

Pure Calm - Stuart Jones£10.00

Pure Calm - Stuart Jones  
Pure Calm will encourage even the most stressed listener to float away into a realm of pure relaxation. ...

Pure Healing - Stephen Rhodes£10.00

Pure Healing - Stephen Rhodes  
The healing quality of this music can be felt within the first few bars. Pure, clear melodies drift ...

Shiatsu - Llewellyn£10.00

Shiatsu - Llewellyn  
Shiatsu is a form of massage that can be traced back thousands of years. It is a complete ...

Sleep - Midori£10.00

Sleep - Midori  
Clearly sleep is important to us and we all need different amounts of sleep. If you find sleeping ...

The Fairy Ring - Mike Rowland£10.00

The Fairy Ring - Mike Rowland  
One of the best-selling recordings of all time, this flowing calm music, performed on piano and strings, has ...

Tranquility - David Sun£10.00

Tranquility - David Sun  
A gentle stream of music that floats upon one's consciousness with barely a ripple. A centred, reflective continuity ...

Yoga - Lagoon West£10.00

Yoga - Lagoon West  
Whatever level one aspires to with the practice of Yoga - whether it be to gain physical poise ...

Inspirational Journeys Volume 1 - Stephen Page£10.00

Inspirational Journeys Volume 1 - Stephen Page  
Inspirational Journeys Volume 1 is the 1st in what will become a guided meditation series of CDs.

This is ...


A Promise of Angels - Midori£10.00

A Promise of Angels - Midori  
Heavenly and celestial. Soft choirs, harp and piano bath you in a gentle enchantment.

Midori returns to us after ...


A Promise of Faeries - Midori£10.00

A Promise of Faeries - Midori  
A delicate, beautiful CD full of harps, Piano, magic and enchantment!

Midori returns to us after a 6 year ...


True Chakras - Paul Lawler£10.00

True Chakras - Paul Lawler  
Possibly the most ambitious project to date Lawler, Goodall and King once again come together to produce True ...

Healing Gold - Aetherium£10.00

Healing Gold - Aetherium  
Healing Gold is very relaxing dreamy music performed by Aetherium. Ideal for for healing, massage, meditation or sleeping. Tried ...

Sleep Gold - Llewellyn£10.00

Sleep Gold - Llewellyn  
SLEEP GOLD is over one hour of deeply relaxing music.

Featuring specially composed continuous music by Llewellyn. Sleep Gold ...


True Yoga - Simon Lovelock£10.00

True Yoga - Simon Lovelock  
Simon Lovelock takes the Namaste torch along with Medwyn Goodall and Peter King to bring you the most ...

Aqua - Clifford White£10.00

Aqua - Clifford White  
This is a CD that was released on Clifford's own label some years ago and is possibly a ...

Ascension - Clifford White£10.00

Ascension - Clifford White  
Originally released on the New World Music label some years ago this has been repackaged and re-releaed on ...

OM - Medwyn Goodall and Terry Oldfield and friends£10.00

OM - Medwyn Goodall and Terry Oldfield and friends  
Medwyn Goodall and Terry Oldfield have joined forces for the first time ever to perform together. Almost all ...

Sacred Circle - Runestone£10.00

Sacred Circle - Runestone  
Runestone return to us fresh after a six year break. Discover the ancient world of standing stones and pagan ...

True Champissage - Paul Lawler£10.00

True Champissage - Paul Lawler  
Namaste are delighted to present their second album. The collective talents of Medwyn Goodall, Paul Lawler & Peter ...

Magical Crystals - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Magical Crystals - Fridrik Karlsson  
Another CD from Fridrik from his ever popular Feel Good Collection featuring an hour of relaxing music in ...

Guiding Light - Chris Conway£10.00

Guiding Light - Chris Conway  
We have known times we might call dark times. And moments where our lives seem to have been touched by ...

In Balance - Chris Conway£10.00

In Balance - Chris Conway  
Working closely with Yoga expert Tonya Williams, In Balance is beautifully composed calming music for yoga by multi ...

Sanctuary - Chris Conway£10.00

Sanctuary - Chris Conway  
Sanctuary is a beautiful collection of gentle piano pieces performed by Chris Conway. Ideal for relaxation, this outstanding ...

The Medicine of Sound - Kevin Kendle and Chris Conway£10.00

The Medicine of Sound - Kevin Kendle and Chris Conway  
Tibetan Healing with Singing Bowls & Chants by Venerable Choesang

This album and accompanying booklet offer an introduction ...


Shiatsu Gold - Llewellyn£10.00

Shiatsu Gold - Llewellyn  
Working closely with experienced shiatsu therapist, Wendy Ibbison (MRSS, OSM), Shiatsu Gold is specially selected music for a ...

Bali - Andreas£10.00

Bali - Andreas  
With its white-sand beaches and stunning sunsets, Bali is one of the most beautiful places in Asia. Rich ...

Spa Gold - Aramara£10.00

Spa Gold - Aramara  
Spa Gold is classy spa music performed on real instruments by Aramara. This hour of seamless, beautiful music ...

Reiki Gold - Llewellyn£10.00

Reiki Gold - Llewellyn  
Back in 1998 Llewellyn released on the New World Music label what was to become one of his ...

FaeryLore - Llewellyn£10.00

FaeryLore - Llewellyn  
FaerieLore is beautiful magical music that creates the perfect ambience for the listener to relax, forget worries, and ...

Journey to Atlantis - Llewellyn & Kevin Kendle£10.00

Journey to Atlantis - Llewellyn & Kevin Kendle  
Kevin Kendle and Llewellyn come together again to produce this exciting collaboration inspired by the mystery and legend ...

Mediterranean Island - Andreas£10.00

Mediterranean Island - Andreas  
If you're looking for music that will take you away to exotic faraway places in the warm sun ...

Music for Reiki Attunement - Llewellyn£10.00

Music for Reiki Attunement - Llewellyn  
Experienced Reiki Master Philip Permutt has worked closely with popular Reiki composer Llewellyn to produce over one hour ...

Paradise Gold Volume 1 - Various Artists£10.00

Paradise Gold Volume 1 - Various Artists  
A great introduction to the music of Paradise Music Includes tracks from:

Earth Angel, Healing Waters, Summoning the ...


Gentle Beauty - Ken Townsend£10.00

Gentle Beauty - Ken Townsend  
A quiet sacred space, and a feeling of pure peace and acceptance. An infinite mind, body and spirit ...

Golden Light - Tim Wheater£10.00

Golden Light - Tim Wheater  
Internationally renowned music artist, Tim Wheater, has produced this compilation CD featuring some of the best tracks from ...

Transcendence - Sheila Whittaker£10.00

Transcendence - Sheila Whittaker  
This CD contains no music at all, just the beautiful sound of gongs, tibetan ting shaws and singing ...

The Lost Henge - Runestone£10.00

The Lost Henge - Runestone  
Based on a true event. Following a coastal storm, the ruin of an ancient circle of timbers was ...

Relaxation Music for you and your dog - Llewellyn£10.00

Relaxation Music for you and your dog - Llewellyn  
Produced by dog lover Llewellyn, one of the world's most popular relaxation music artists, this special CD is ...

After the Storm - Andy Blissett£11.00

After the Storm - Andy Blissett  
This is a solo album from Andy Blissett of Bliss and is an outstandingly relaxing album of piano ...

The Journey - Andy Blissett£11.00

The Journey - Andy Blissett  
A beautifully relaxing album from Andy Blissett of Bliss. His piano compositions are simply a pleasure to listen ...

A Promise of Serenity - Midori£10.00

A Promise of Serenity - Midori  
A gentle and instanly peaceful title that will have you sinking into your chair after a long day ...

Astral Doorways - Paul Sills£10.00

Astral Doorways - Paul Sills  
ASTRAL DOORWAYS, a gentle yet haunting piece to relax to, but allows your imagination to fly. Paul is ...

True Tai Chi - Karl Maddison£10.00

True Tai Chi - Karl Maddison  
NAMASTE with Karl Maddison - have produced a superb masterpiece with TRUE TAI CHI. Quite possibly the best ...

Egypt - Andreas£10.00

Egypt - Andreas  
Egypt is full of mystery, magic and wonder as well as its great history ruled by the Pharaohs. Immediately ...

Reiki River - Niall£10.00

Reiki River - Niall  
Reiki River is beautiful healing music by Niall. Specially timed 5 minute tracks create an hour of ideal ...

Gaia - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Gaia - Fridrik Karlsson  
Frdrik Karlsson has started a new series of albums, ichill, and this is one of the first three ...

Reiki - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Reiki - Fridrik Karlsson  
Frdrik Karlsson has started a new series of albums, ichill, and this is one of the first three ...

Samurai - Oshari£10.00

Samurai - Oshari  
Step into the ancient world of the Samurai, a culture devoted in their pursuit of balance of mind, body, ...

Spa Collection - Various Artists£10.00

Spa Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Midori, Medwyn Goodall, Paul Sills, Tim Wheater, Ken Townshend & Karl Maddison.

Perfect for Relaxation, ...


True Reflexology - Ken Townsend£10.00

True Reflexology - Ken Townsend  
The critically acclaimed True Series continues with this superb title exploring the benefits of Reflexology.

Ken Townsend brings emotive ...


Calling My Angels - Niall£10.00

Calling My Angels - Niall  
Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, Calling My Angels is beautiful relaxing celestial music composed and performed ...

Celtic Reiki - Chris Conway and Llewellyn£10.00

Celtic Reiki - Chris Conway and Llewellyn  
Celtic Reiki is a beautiful style of Reiki which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types ...

Music for Beauty - Various Artists£10.00

Music for Beauty - Various Artists  
More people are discovering the link between relaxation and beauty. Stress is one of the biggest factors in ...

Natural Sleep - Jeff Woodall£10.00

Natural Sleep - Jeff Woodall  
Natural Sleep is a hour long continuous piece of music specially created to relax and induce a good ...

Reiki Sleep - Llewellyn£10.00

Reiki Sleep - Llewellyn  
Reiki Sleep is a brand new Reiki album by popular Reiki Composer Llewellyn (Reiki Gold, Sleep Gold) Working ...

Sensual Chocolate - Various ArtistsSpecial Offer!   £8.99

Sensual Chocolate - Various Artists  
Music for you and your chocolate :)

Take a little me time and unwind with this specially created CD. ...


Magical Christmas - Fridrik KarlssonSpecial Offer!   £8.99

Magical Christmas - Fridrik Karlsson  
If you like Fridrik's music then you will love this seasonal recording. Fridrik has taken a selection of ...

A Promise of Healing - MidoriSpecial Offer!   £8.99

A Promise of Healing - Midori  
Sensitive, delicate music, created to encourage healing by relaxing the mind and body. Slow and graceful without percussion of ...

Turning of the Wheel by ThreefoldSpecial Offer!   £8.99

Turning of the Wheel by Threefold  
Magical, Pagan, Wiccan and full of visual imagery, Threefold once again remind us of their excellence with a ...

Walking Across Heaven - Paul SillsSpecial Offer!   £8.99

Walking Across Heaven - Paul Sills  
Inspired by stories from the afterlife.

There are people who have experienced physical death and glimpsed what lies beyond this ...


Meditation by Stephen Page, Steve Travis and Simon CunliffeSpecial Offer!   £8.99

Meditation by Stephen Page, Steve Travis and Simon Cunliffe  
This is an amazing album and is the first in a new series of CDs from our own ...

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