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Music for Uplifting
Here you will find CDs released on the New World Music (including titles from their Pure Series amd Mind Body and Soul series) and Aquavision Music labels and include titles from Llewellyn (Mysts of Avalon, Pure Peace), Medwyn Goodall (Medicine Woman, Clan, Clan 2, Druid, Excalibur and Merlin), Brian Carter (Heart of the Circle) and Stephen Page (Dolphin Ascension)
Music for Uplifting

Angels Promise - Richard Churchyard£10.00

Angels Promise - Richard Churchyard  
Beautiful, melodic guitar and piano combine to take you on a journey of the heart, exploring love's many ...

Dolphin Ascension - Stephen Page£10.00

Dolphin Ascension - Stephen Page  
This is the stunning debut album from Stephen Page. Beautiful instrumental music created on keyboards that take the ...

The Unthanked Road - Richard Churchyard£10.00

The Unthanked Road - Richard Churchyard  
Whether you use The Unthanked Road for yoga, meditation, healing or simply to relax, this is a must-have ...

Clan - A Celtic Journey - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Clan - A Celtic Journey - Medwyn Goodall  
Through Medwyn’s music the listener can join the Celtic Clan and relive the ancient journey of Galatain the ...

The Scroll - Clan 2 - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

The Scroll - Clan 2 - Medwyn Goodall  
Medwyn has written and recorded a musical epic that is as heart-felt and exciting as the lives of ...

Colour Healing - Llewellyn£10.00

Colour Healing - Llewellyn  
"The combined vibration of Colour and Music creates an all encompassing powerhouse of healing energy.

Colour Healing is ...


Druid - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Druid - Medwyn Goodall  
Cascading rivulets of ancient sounds, elusive special effects and magnificent instrumentation breathe life into the sacred and revered ...

Excalibur - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Excalibur - Medwyn Goodall  
Shimmering, intriguing, powerful and passionate - Excalibur! This is truly music to elevate and inspire us with the ...

Great Spirit - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Great Spirit - Medwyn Goodall  
Inspired and emotive music dedicated to the spirit of all Native American Indians. Creative percussion rhythms and evocative ...

Heart of the Circle - Brian Carter£10.00

Heart of the Circle - Brian Carter  
Following the huge success of "Walking in Harmony", Brian Carter takes you on a magical journey of discovery ...

Illusions - The best of Phil Thornton£10.00

Illusions - The best of Phil Thornton  
With the addition of the bonus track (Illusions) Phil has created a new musical journey which weaves its ...

Medicine Woman - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Medicine Woman - Medwyn Goodall  
Medwyn uses traditional instruments and rhythms to celebrate the power of the Feminine. Through this balance we can ...

Merlin - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Merlin - Medwyn Goodall  
The music of Merlin comes to stir the heart and awaken our memories, and finds a voice to ...

Out of the Depths - Terry Oldfield£10.00

Out of the Depths - Terry Oldfield  
The lapping waves of sound that ride Terry's flute and the alluring siren-like vocals of Imogen entice you ...

Pure Peace - Llewellyn & Kevin Kendle£10.00

Pure Peace - Llewellyn & Kevin Kendle  
New World Music present one of the most restful and uplifting arrangements of Pachelbel Canon ever made. Kevin ...

Earth Healer - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Earth Healer - Medwyn Goodall  
From deeply reflective to joyfully celebratory, Earth Healer summons all the emotions and power of the Phoenix, the ...

The Dragons Breath - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

The Dragons Breath - Medwyn Goodall  
Medwyn Goodall has set up his own label, MG Music, and this is one of the releases made ...

Eye of the Wolf - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Eye of the Wolf - Medwyn Goodall  
Medwyn Goodall has set up his own label, MG Music, and this is one of the releases made ...

Celt - Terry Oldfield£10.00

Celt - Terry Oldfield  
Terry returns to his classic sound and style. An album already achieving recognition and response from fans as ...

Chronicles - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Chronicles - Medwyn Goodall  
One of the most inspired albums Medwyn believes he has truly produced. An album that depicts a world ...

The Secret Woodland - Simon Cunliffe£10.00

The Secret Woodland - Simon Cunliffe  
This is the stunning debut album from Simon Cunliffe. Somewhere in the countryside is your secret woodland; a magical ...

Chillout Heaven - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Chillout Heaven - Fridrik Karlsson  
Music to create the ultimate chillout experience. With today’s world running at mega speeds in every area we ...

While Angels Dream - Stephen Page£10.00

While Angels Dream - Stephen Page  
'While Angels Dream' is the brand new album from Stephen Page. Musically it follows in the same style ...

In Unity - Tim Wheater & David Lord£10.00

In Unity - Tim Wheater & David Lord  
Absolutely breath taking. A stunning beautiful flute and strings album that sets a new bench mark. One of ...

King Arthur - Medwyn Goodall£16.99

King Arthur - Medwyn Goodall  
This 3 CD collection is a specially remastered collection featuring over 3 hours of music spanning 24 tracks. ...

Land of the Inca - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Land of the Inca - Medwyn Goodall  
Special re-mastered 70 min special of all the best tracks from both Nazca and Ancient Nazca on one ...

Tribal Nation - Medwyn Goodall and Scott Jasper£10.00

Tribal Nation - Medwyn Goodall and Scott Jasper  
The raw energy of real musicians on real ethni instruments. The sun baking the earth, the dust rising ...

Healing Waters - Govannen£10.00

Healing Waters - Govannen  
Govannen combine the talents of four exceptional individuals, who originally came together some 5 years ago to celebrate ...

An Island Called Paradise - Clifford White£10.00

An Island Called Paradise - Clifford White  
Imagine the clear blue sea rolling gently onto the beach, the cool shade of the palm trees and ...

Lazy Days - Stuart Jones£10.00

Lazy Days - Stuart Jones  
Following on from the success of the album 'Late into the Night' and many requests from Friends of ...

Sound Medicine Man - Tim Wheater£10.00

Sound Medicine Man - Tim Wheater  
Drawing on the ancient, spiritual path of the Shaman, Tim has created a truly inspirational album recorded amid ...

Bali - Midori£10.00

Bali - Midori  
Escape to tranquil paradise and indulge in a moment of calm and serenity - Midori's music perfectly reflects ...

Zen - Terry Oldfield£10.00

Zen - Terry Oldfield  
Summoning the pure essence of the search for enlightenment, a sense of peace and understanding unfolds as Terry's ...

Mysts of Avalon - Llewellyn£10.00

Mysts of Avalon - Llewellyn  
In the continuing style of his bestselling album Moonlore, the theme of Llewellyn's new album is about a ...

Solstice - Phil Thornton£10.00

Solstice - Phil Thornton  
Traditional Celtic sounds are infused with the deeper resonance of E-bow guitar, fretless bass, keyboards and infectious rhythms. ...

Medicine Woman 2 - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Medicine Woman 2 - Medwyn Goodall  
After the success of Medwyn's original Medicine Woman he returned to the essence of that album in order ...

Medicine Woman 3 - The Rising - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Medicine Woman 3 - The Rising - Medwyn Goodall  
The original Medicine Woman has remained one of our all time favourite albums. In our opinion it showcased ...

Gaya of Wisdom - Guy Sweens£10.00

Gaya of Wisdom - Guy Sweens  
The story of Buddha. A truly uplifting spiritual album full of the sense of finding enlightenment. Filled with ...

Total Chillout - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Total Chillout - Fridrik Karlsson  
This is the follow up to his very popular Chillout Heaven CD. This features Fridrik's new style of ...

Sacred Spirit - Laramani£10.00

Sacred Spirit - Laramani  
This album from Laramani blends native american influences with contemporary western music influences resulting in a up beat ...

Summoning the Spirit - Chris Conway and Will Pimlett£10.00

Summoning the Spirit - Chris Conway and Will Pimlett  
An inspiring tribute to the Native American people - Chris Conway’s spiritual soundscapes provide a haunting backdrop to ...

Sacred Spirit 2 - Laramani£10.00

Sacred Spirit 2 - Laramani  
This is the 2nd album from Laramani and continues in the same theme as the first album in ...

The Healing Drum - Chris Puleston and Chris Conway£10.00

The Healing Drum - Chris Puleston and Chris Conway  
There is no doubt that the sound of drums and percussion has a tangible effect on the human ...

Kamadeva - Guy Sweens£10.00

Kamadeva - Guy Sweens  
This is the outstanding. and eagerly anticipated follow up to Guy's best selling and hugely popular debut album ...

Paradise Chillout - Helios£10.00

Paradise Chillout - Helios  
Paradise Chillout is a specially compiled album by chillout producer Helios.

In the style of Cafe Del Mar, ...


Earth Goddess - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Earth Goddess - Medwyn Goodall  
Full of rhythm, energy and melodic graceful.

Guitars, Panpipes, keyboards and hand drums beat out a tropical ambience in ...


Serve Chilled - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Serve Chilled - Medwyn Goodall  
A world of ice under threat of global warming! With whales, Seals, Penguins, and underwater sounds.

Influenced by Vangelis, ...


The Raven and the Moon - Runestone£10.00

The Raven and the Moon - Runestone  
Runestone surpass all that has been with an album that many will argue is their best ever....again! Melodic, ...

Spirit of the Shaman - Niall£10.00

Spirit of the Shaman - Niall  
Niall creates wonderful magical imagery in this inspiring tribute to the Shaman. There is a real sense of ...

Smooth - Fridrik Karlsson£10.00

Smooth - Fridrik Karlsson  
Frdrik Karlsson has started a new series of albums, ichill, and this is one of the first three ...

Celtic Collection - Various Artists£10.00

Celtic Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Threefold, Medwyn Goodall, & Runestone.

Be transported back to the time of legends, standing stones, ...


Evolution - Andrew Kinsella£10.00

Evolution - Andrew Kinsella  
Evolution by Andrew Kinsella is a remarkable fusion of modern chill-out, tribal rhythmns and evocative soundscapes Celebrating the ...

World Collection - Various Artists£10.00

World Collection - Various Artists  
Featuring the best of Guy Sweens, Medwyn Goodall, Karl Maddison.

The best in world, ethnic and cultural influenced music. ...


Amun Ra - Medwyn Goodall£10.00

Amun Ra - Medwyn Goodall  
The Pyramids come alive with this truly inspired music that leaves you quite breathless with it’s epic themes filling ...

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