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The samples are in streaming mp3 ideal for fast speed connections.

The mp3 samples can be played by pressing the play button. (As you will see there are also pause and rewind buttons)

Please note that after clicking the play button there may be a few seconds delay before the sample starts playing. If you are on a dial up connection then it may take longer.

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Other sites often only offer 60 to 120 seconds of samples from an entire album album ? How often have you listened to only 60 seconds of an album in a shop and then decided to buy it ? If you are anything like us then the answer is probably hardly ever, if at all.

We don't believe it's easy for people to make up their mind about an album in such a short space of time. Therefore you will find NO LESS THAN 3 MINUTES of samples from practically every album we stock. We believe that this gives you a much better idea of the sound and feel of the whole album making it a lot easier for you to choose which ones to buy.

Finding the samples is easy :

At the top of the screen within this section of the site you will see that you can search for an album either by its title or by the artist's name (and to make life even easier the artists are listed by both their first and surnames just in case you're not sure of their full name).

Our samples section contains HUNDREDS OF SAMPLES ! and we are adding to this all the time as we increase the number of titles we stock.

The samples themselves are presented in streaming mp3 which is perfect for those with ADSL, broadband or ISDN internet connections. Some visitors with 56k connections may still be able to make use of the streaming mp3 but you may experience breaks in the sample, especially at internet busy times.

And of course, please remember that we always welcome your feedback and if you would like to make any comments then please do email us at



Search by Album Title
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