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While Angels Dream- Stephen Page

I am really so proud of this album, even if it is a little late ! The reason I say that is because this is what was supposed to be my 2nd album but I sort of got sidetracked after Dolphin Ascension so I ended up releasing 2 other completely unplanned albums and this one sort of got put on the back burner until the latter end of 2004 when I was finally able to get back to putting this album together. Musically it is very similar in style to Dolphin Ascension, so if you liked that album then I am sure you will love this album. It also features a guest appearance from internationally best selling new age musician Medwyn Goodall.


Inspirational Journeys Volume 1 - Stephen Page
Meditations written by John Bellamy, narrated by Tony Davies

This was a completely unplanned album. I was talking with some friends and the idea came up about doing a guided meditation album. I thought it was a great idea but my biggest concern was that people that didn't want a guided meditation album would be dissapointed if they bought this thinking it was a typical Stephen Page album. It was my suggestion that as well as having the guided meditation CD (which obviously contains background music) there should also be a 2nd CD which contains just the music, BUT, the album should still sell for the same price as a single CD, that way people can buy the album for the guided meditation CD, or they can buy it for the meditational music and they are not paying any extra so in effect the other CD is free, whether they use it or not. This album has been so successful that it has been confirmed that I will be doing at least another 2 in the Inspirational Journeys series.


Spiritual Oasis - Stephen Page & Richard Churchyard

This album started life as an idea that was just mentioned in passing during a conversation I was having with Richard Churchyard one evening. But as soon as the idea came out we both sort of stopped and realised that it was in fact a very good idea ! About 2 months later we were in Richard's studio finishing the recording of the album. This is a bllissfully relaxing album and is absolutely ideal for therapists and for people looking for an album that will help them to deeply relax.


Dolphin Ascension - Stephen Page

I am so proud of this album. For me this truly has been the start of a new spiritual and music journey. Dolphin Ascension has been described as an album that relaxes the Body, calms the Mind and uplifts the Soul. These words have since become the slogan for Aquavision Music.

There are some really lovely melodies and harmonies within this album and my 2 personal favourite tracks are "A New Hope" and "Forgiven".


Above is the proposed CD cover artwork should the album ever be released in CD format in the future.

Child of the Watchtowers - Mystic Enchantment

Strictly speaking I am not sure if this should be on the discography page and the reason for that is that it has so far only ever been released on cassette which was way back in 1989 I think. It only ever sold about 100 copies so there aren't that many out there. There was a possibility that this was going to be re-released on CD but plans for this have since been put on the back burner. It may be included as bonus free disk on a future album but again nothing is definite at the moment.

Mystic Enchantment was basically myself and Sharon, a friend of mine. The album has an extremely raw quality about it but it does provide a glimpse of where I was going musically at the time.