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The Aquavision Music Label
Dolphin Ascension
Stephen Page

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Dolphin Ascension is the first release on the Aquavision Music label. This stunning instumental debut album from Stephen Page is filled with emotion and takes the listener on a journey that will leave them feeling touched, spiritualised and uplifted.


Healing Shores
Steve Travis

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This is the debut album from Steve Travis on the Aquavision label. He has previously released easy listening albums but this is his first forray into the world of relaxation music and what an outstanding album it is. Simply allow the music to wash over you as you relax and allow your mind to drift off to some far off paradise for that perfect spiritual lift.

Inspirational Journeys Volume 1
Stephen Page

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The CD is the 1st in what will become a series of Guided Meditation CDs that we are planing to release over the coming months. Volume 1 features a Water Meditation and an Earth Meditation. Each guided meditation lasts about 30 minutes. The original meditations were written by spiritual retreat host John Bellamy and the background music to the meditations has been composed by Stephen Page. This CD is great value for money as it has been released as a double CD. The 1st CD contains the 2 guided meditations and the 2nd CD contains just the music from the meditations


Spiritual Oasis
Stephen Page & Richard Churchyard

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Spiritual Oasis is the 2nd release on the Aquavsion Music label and features the incredible talents of Stephen Page and Richard Churchyard. 60 minutes of blissfully relaxing music makes this album absolutely perfect for deep serene relaxation, meditation, visusalisation and of course for therapies of all kinds.



The Secret Woodland
Simon Cunliffe

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Simon is another new artist to the label and this is his stunning debut album from us. This CD is gently uplifting with the music taking you on a gentle journey through this magical woodland. A brilliant debut album.

Simon is currently working on the music for one of the new volumes in the Inspirational Journeys series of CDs. More details soon.


While Angels Dream
Stephen Page

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This is the stunning new album from Stephen Page and takes up where Dolphin Ascension left off. This album is uplifting yet incredibly relaxing. The music takes the listener on an angelic journey that his heartfelt from start to finish. The track "Awakening" also sees a special guest apperance from Medwyn Goodall on Spanish & Electric guitars and tabla.

Stunning artwork and incredible music is making this album an incredible success.






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